we’re all better and gayer people than we used to be 

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July 25
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crev tagged me in this ‘say five nice things about yourself and then tag people’ thing and i can think of some people who i would like to see do that so

  1. i have fucking amazing facial structure tbh like have you seen my cheekbones
  2. i’m a pretty good writer when i, yknow, actually write
  3. i’m pretty fit these days! it’s a good feeling. i like having visible arm muscles too
  4. i’m in school and have been for over a year and i’m not one breakdown from dropping out either! go team
  5. i have fantastic taste in music

tagging nonbinarymermaid, ackermansmiths, limberlostquiet, negativecos, and ruimochidas, no obligation though

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July 25
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is there a shirt that says this on it, i need one too. also i’m sorry you’re sad i hope that doesn’t last :<

i am deffo putting it on the list of stencils i need to make

thanks. it’s just that my long-distance partner was visiting and had to go home today. fortunately it’s not going to be very long until i see them again but that’s still Too Long, y’know?

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July 24
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do u want a gay talk

i have a playlist of nothing but death cab and snow patrol on, if you still want to interact with me right now please gay talk with me

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July 24
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i am gay, and sad

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July 24

shit tumblr ate my text, what i meant to say was, buy my dragons

top two are 100K, next two are 25K, the ripple at the bottom is 45K, prices are negotiable, hit me up on fr if you’re interested!

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July 24
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Sunset by MrQ1984 on Flickr.

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July 24
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Based on what Javik allegedly says (I haven’t downloaded the DLC, probably won’t) when he says Protheans considered Quarians attractive in their cycle, my immediate inclination was that they looked very Prothean-esque.

So yeah, this. Fantastic.

[Take that, Talimancers]

I caught that when watching my fiance’s playthrough! Put simply, this concept is sodding fantastic.

Whoa. Love it.

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July 24
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neirin is peer pressuring me to post my unfinished artwork

but i refuse to finish it until meowgon’s commission is done so enjoy this UNFINISHED ARTWORK and also GAY MARAUDERS


this is disgusting

this is gay as hell

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July 23
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i am honestly so afraid of pissing someone off with the wrong label that i’m like… hesitant to even do it anymore???? which is all on me, it’s stupid, but. yeah it’s really complicated.

i mean you could always just say “they are girls now” or wevs if you think it’ll be an issue but honestly it’s all just. petty word differences dancing around the same problem. go with what works imo. draw everyone as girls. that’s my advice

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July 23
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it’s weird going through my old fandom playlists and like…. what i associated with what

there’s a lot of additions that retrospectively had nothing to do with the characters except that i liked to imagine them in that situation or with that texture

also a lot of repetition

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July 23

mmMM yeah I am always uneasy terming this esp since I draw this kind of thing a lot (& though I don’t swap everyone as cis I want to be as self-aware as possible bc. yeah). maybe “[respective gender] version”? though it’s comparatively a lil clunky

i really don’t think it matters, it’s a reminder of a much bigger problem and thus there’s never going to be a Good Term for it but the concept of “how might this character look/act/think given a different social class” is an interesting one and worth exploring, maybe even especially because the concept of gender/sex is so flawed

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July 23
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yeah. I do still have a weakness, though; I want more female characters in things and I like to think about how gender informs the way you occupy the world and I’m interested in the character design elements. but. I always feel guilty about it. so.

oh don’t get me wrong i am a massive supporter of Making Every Character A Girl and i don’t want anyone to feel guilty about it

it’s just. the ever-changing terms for it. genderswap, sexswap (which i am embarrassed to say i coined), cisswap, they’re just all the same amount of insufficient and inaccurate

at this point i’m fine with the term “genderswap”. we don’t know if the characters in question are cis or trans, we recognise what the term refers to, and it’s easier to say

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July 23
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it’s interesting to think about it in the context of how it’d change them as people but. yeah.

i mean i am also not really opposed to the concept i just think it’s pretty futile to try and come up with a Non Problematic Name for it

because yeah gender/sex are applied categories but they do make a hell of a difference

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July 23
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