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April 19
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Four million dollar mansion burns to the ground in Ohio Article


Moss Stairs, Sardinia, Italy

photo via patricia

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ah, thank you, I wondered if there was an izotope version! that looks pretty much exactly what I want.

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April 19

i need to go fetch my ps2 from the parents’ because i feel a kingdom hearts spiral coming on

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April 19

loving this episode of ds9 with the lizard qunari


for the record i absolutely chose to be trans, i chose not to be a dude, and that’s not a universal trans experience - in fact i feel like of the people who probably should transition, most of the people who can and do are people who basically have no choice in the matter because we live in a society so transphobic it prefers cis corpses to trans people - if you take the position that that’s not a thing that’s even possible you’re taking either the position that i don’t have the right to view my transness in a way that makes sense to me or that i’m not Really Trans at all. either is fucked up and silencing and hostile.

i’m tempted to leave some snippy sarcastic signoff like “hope this helps” at the end of this but i’m dead fucking serious, it happens to me a lot and it’s fucking shitty and it needs to stop happening to anyone. knock it the fuck off

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April 18

does anyone happen to know of a windows-compatible digital drum machine or a pro tools drum machine plugin that is like. less that $50. i am not sure it exists tbh

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April 18

I had this horribly vivid nightmare a couple weeks ago about getting angrily booted out of my mixing class and I was so convinced it was prophetic but actually my instructor was super understanding and is gonna help me get an incomplete and says I should come to the rest of the classes anyway thank fuck

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dfab nonbinary people patting each other on the back for calling out and educating those uppity womenfolk

take your self-congratulatory neoliberal bullshit out of the public sphere and think about what you’re really trying to uphold

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Super edgy pastel graphics telling you how not to be an asshole!

oh look, a boy whose idea of what’s wrong with feminism is women being too mean to cis men. how unique and indispensable

also love how everyone is super pale except the asshole bully, because that’s not drawing on racist implications at all

Holding Out for A Hero
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I don’t know why people said it was bad, I think the mobile version of Mass Effect was weird but otherwise pretty okay.

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i want to play mass effect but like. i don’t want to slog through the first game. but i want kaidan AND ash. and wrex. i want to play citadel dlc. i…….. should probably just read some goddamn fanfiction

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