Good news: it isn’t carbon monoxide

Bad news: then what the fuck is it

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October 19

whats the bad news

that my roommate and i are both exhibiting the symptoms of mild carbon monoxide poisoning so if we don’t have a leak then who fucking knows what’s going on

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October 18
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so the good news is we might have a carbon monoxide leak

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October 18

So instead of accomplishing anything today I fell asleep all afternoon because I am a sleep-deprived mess

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October 17
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it’s one thirty in the morning, time to drink beer and get angry at wide societal problems i cannot independently do anything about

Rambling Man
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October 16

it really grates me when people have posts about like. ‘you should love this person because’ and then they list like. this person made a large amount of money. why is a person’s quantity of cash a reason for accolades. how does that make them a better person or more worthy of my appreciation rather than less

pro tools is being weird and it’s not a problem with any of my cables or microphones or anything but idk if it’s the software or hardware that’s the issue. files i try to listen to are clipping, i can’t get signal when i try to record, it’s all very alarming

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October 15

So I can read tumblr but apparently not post or interact with posts on my laptop. Ah the reliable macbook

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October 14
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*to the tune of “our house”* I’m DRUNK in the middle of the WEEK

spoiler warning: kele’s new album trick is so good but also if you didn’t have a huge fuckin crush on kele before, i have some unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on your point of view i guess) news for you

also it took me halfway through the album to get the title despite the fact that i was listening for a connection the whole time

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October 14
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How is it I spend all day in a haze and then suddenly i’m really able to focus and it’s past three am and my body clock just gets worse

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October 14


what a busy week!

excuse you i am already a huge sissy your assistance is appreciated but unnecessary

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October 13


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