also i was on a panel about queer health today! A friend of mine is teaching a class on it at UCSC as her capstone, and she’s holding panels for her students to ask questions of queer folks that directly relate to their final papers. They’d chosen some pretty awesome topics, too — one lady is writing a paper about queer pornography! And someone else is writing about using gender neutral pronouns in K-12 education! Also the really cute guy from the shoe department at Macy’s was there and he was writing about UCSC fraternities/sororities/frororities and support systems and how they impact the health of queer folks involved therein and oh man I totally have an excuse to chat with him at work now

ANYWAY it was a really great experience and I got to answer some really interesting questions and also go on some of my favourite rants and it was really cool to be able to be a firsthand source for these people. and one person talked actively about how they were trying to get away from writing about theory and instead write about lived experiences and I was so pleased. Except then I went on a brief anti-theory rant whoops. HI I AM A PERSON I DON’T LIKE BEING OBJECTIFIED FOR YOUR ACADEMIC CIRCLE JERK sorry sorry i’m done i promise

and then i read a lot of inda and had feelings and missed an appt and played pool with some friends and that was my day


my FNP will not be pleased with me because she wants to review how my meds are working out but i don’t really want to go all the way out to aptos just to tell her that there is no change so she can just email me if it’s really that important

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